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Unbeatable Screen Printing Quality!

Screen printing is by far the most popular decoration choice for custom T-shirts and apparel. When you choose custom screen printed tees, you will get a fantastic, durable, vibrant print that is cost effective and long lasting.

Screen Printing Techniques We Offer

There are several forms of screen printing to choose from. Below are descriptions of the types we offer (click on one to see more info). Contact us at (909) 747-4188 with any questions you may have or let us help you make the best choice for your desired style..

  • Plastisol (standard)

    Plastisol is the most common ink used in apparel screen printing. It is a thicker and more durable plastic based ink that will withstand multiple washes and maintain maximum vibrancy long term. Plastisol can be physically felt on top of the shirt, rather than penetrating into the fabric like other types of water-based and discharge inks. These inks can be printed to feel super soft or have a heavy hand depending on the intended use. Plastisol is the only way to print synthetic fabrics like Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, etc. For printing on blended fabrics like 50/50 & 60/40 both plastisol & water-based inks can have varying yet awesome results.

  • Waterbased

    They are often compared, Water-Based vs Plastisol inks and the differences between the two but we know both of these inks serve a specific purpose when it comes to decorating custom apparel. If you want a large graphic printed on a T-Shirt and want it to feel super soft and breathable, water-based is the way to go. Water-based inks are incredibly soft, smooth, and cannot be felt on the shirts surface. We highly recommend water-based screen printing for that high end vintage t-shirt look & feel. It is the standard for private clothing lines & retail-able t-shirt ventures because of the comfort and wear-ability that people often find in their favorite shirt. Water-based inks have best results on cotton garments, but have varying yet awesome end results on other fabric types like 50/50 & 60/40 and other blended fabrics.

  • Discharge

    Discharge inks have all the same attributes as water-based inks, except they have a t-shirt dye removing capability when heat activated. Discharge ink is specially formulated for printing on dark shirts colors. These inks can remove the original shirt color and re-dye the fabric to the desired ink color simultaneously. This will make your light colored inks feel like they are embedded into the shirt fabric, when printing on dark colored garments. Not every color combination or fabric type will work with discharge inks so be sure to ask your printer about the details before you place your order.

  • Puff & High-Density

    Puff inks are basically plastisol inks with a puff additive that rises up when heated during the drying process. Puff inks work best on text or outlines in a design. High-Density ink is puff ink used on a thicker screen that allows for sharper edges and more block-like raised feel. Like any SFX (special effect) ink, it is better used in moderation and as an accent in the design. These inks can have a really unique end result when used sparingly on a shirt graphic.

  • Metallic & Shimmer

    Metallic & Shimmer inks are simply plastisol inks that have glitter flakes in them. It is mainly recommended as a second color or as an accent color in a design. Because of the thickness of these inks we do not suggest using it for highly intricate or tiny design details. We also advise against printing them on really shear fabrics or fabrics designed to be cool or soft.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark

    Glow in the Dark ink is also a plastisol type ink. It is mainly recommended as an overlay to the white used in a t-shirt design. Because of the thickness of these inks we do not suggest using Glow in the Dark for highly intricate designs, or printing them on really shear fabrics.

  • Color Changing Ink (In The Sun)

    Have fun in the sun with our sun activated color changing inks. We are proud to be one of only a handful of screen printers in the nation to offer this amazing screen printing process, and at almost the same price as traditional screen printing. This ink stays almost invisible, or a light tint while indoors, but take it into the sun and it will turn bright vibrant colors almost instantly. This is great for outdoor and youth events, such as runs, walks, festivals etc... View some samples below in our photo gallery. Call today to speak with a product specialist to learn more about this amazing process and how it can brighten up your next event.

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Screen Print Pricing

The prices of custom screen prints on T-shirts are quantity based so the more you buy, the cheaper they will be! Other factors that go into figuring out the price of each shirt include the style or product type, number of colors being used, and number of locations being printed on. Contact us (909) 747-4188 to get a quote today.

Screen Print Sizes

We can print any size up to 15" wide and 19" tall. However, for standard shirt printing we recommend you stay with a 13" x 18" area and sometimes even smaller depending on the style of shirt. Our staff will be glad to help you determine what size will be right for you.

Screen Print Apparel Options

We have hundreds of brands and styles to choose from. Visit our showroom to see and feel samples and speak with one of our product consultants to find the right item for you. You may also browse our online catalog to view some of our many options.

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